Lifestyle Life Insurance

Lifestyle Life is an independent, full-service life, disability, Medicare and long-term care insurance agency. Operating out of Maryland, US, their goal is to bring insurance to otherwise underserved communities no matter their lifestyle.

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the mission

Lifestyle Life needed a new website that perfectly reflected their re-brand, with a modern looking website catering to their target market. Most importantly, the new site needed to be responsive and the quotation tools as user friendly as possible.

Lifestyle Life Insurance
Lifestyle Life Insurance
website design
website development

Lifestyle Life's new website is designed to feel welcoming and open ended. With a colour scheme that's bright, contrasting and cheerful. Both the main site and the quote engine were developed with mobile users in mind and as such the final product delivers an intuitive interface and a friendly and enjoyable experience.

unique styling

Lifestyle Life's new design is truly one of a kind. With an out side of the box approach to the layout of each page. The idea is to let info flow smoothly from one section to the next as the user navigates up and down the page stepping away from the more traditional blocked format.

Lifestyle Life Insurance
Lifestyle Life Insurance

the target market

Knowing exactly who Lifestyle Life's target market is allowed us to narrow down the general aesthetic of the re-design. The result is a much more focused and consistent experience throughout. You will not find random one-offs or odd elements that stick out. All elements and modules on the site come together to form a cohesive product.

the daredevils

cannabis enthusiasts

same-sex couples

beer lovers

fully custom coded

A major part of the new Lifestyle Life was the development of a custom coded quotation engine that provided visitors with insurance prices based on information they've input into the calculator. We've stepped up to the challenge and delivered on our promise if not more.

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Lifestyle Life Insurance
Lifestyle Life Insurance

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