we design websites

Design is what we eat and breath and is the core of our daily operations at coffeecrater. When it comes web design, our approach is focused on two inseparable areas. User experience (UX) and user Interface (UI). As the name suggests, UX focuses on usability, functionality, and human interaction. We look at all possible solutions and choose the best options to a given problem. UI covers the artistic side of the design. It brings a visual identity to the product and is designed to provide the best possible experience to the user.

we also develop websites

Web development is the process of taking the design and creating a fully functional product. The two areas of web developemnt are front-end developemnt and back-end development, and we happen to be exceptionally great at both. Front-end development deals with using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and javascript in order to convert the static design into an operating prototype and is but the tip of the iceberg. Back-end development is the hidden part of the iceberg and while the end user never gets to see this side of your website it is crucial to its operation.

and then we maintain them

Web technologies are in an ever-changing state. We help keep your website up and running and up to date with the latest standards. We can also take care of adding or making changes to your content and pages. Let us worry about it so you don't have to.

our tools for the trade

our tools for the trade

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